Magazine design - Art direction

We have designed a unique magazine for the Eindhoven Library in collaboration with the municipality of Eindhoven, Brabant Remembers, Fontys colleges, several primary schools from Eindhoven and the Sint Lucas college to draw attention to the 75-year liberation of Eindhoven. The title of the magazine is “Old told, young passes it on”.
The personal stories about the memories of the war will soon no longer be able to be told and must therefore be collected now. The magazine shows various aspects of history translated into a digital appearance. The thread through the magazine are the expressive drawings at the bottom of the pages. These drawings visualize the events in the text. This keeps it fun and attractive for children to read the text. The unique thing about this project is that primary school children collected and recorded the stories in collaboration with Social Work students from Summa College. The children started to formulate the questions themselves. This stimulated their curiosity and aroused their interest in this subject. The stories have been processed in a way so that the children felt comfortable with. This can be a story, a drawing, a movie or even a dance. Everything is ultimately bundled in a digital magazine.

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