Name branding- Positioning- Logo & Corporate Identity

NaPia is a podio therapist located in Curaçao. The owner of therapy thought it was time for change after years of working under the name of VMH Podotherapy. We were contacted by the therapy and received a request for a new creative name and visual style. The new name had to be simple, the name had to stand out among their competitors, and it had to show the goal and the passion of the therapy. NaPia literally means “on foot” in Papiamento (the official language in Curaçao). NaPia sounds cheerful and will directly appeal to the targeted group in Curaçao. “On foot" has an underlying meaning that is related to the ultimate goal NaPia has for every single customer. NaPia wants every customer to be able to walk again and enjoy their life without pain. The new designed logo also has a deeper meaning related to the philosophy of NaPia. The combination of the heart and the foot show not only the love and passion of the therapy, but also propagate the main purpose of the practice: foot care.


Zustershof 10
6021 MS Budel

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