Recruitment campaign – Concept – Graphic Design

Schrijvers Technical Installations is a company that is trying to make this world a better place. They believe that our environment can always be more sustainable, healthier and safer. The demand for new enthusiastic staff at Schrijvers Technical Installations is increasing due to the rapid business growth. We were challenged to realize a recruitment campaign that will attract and activate new enthusiastic people to apply for the vacancy. Schrijvers is based in Oss, The Netherlands and they prefer to maintain their North-Brabant (province) corporate culture. This culture seemed like a suitable starting point for the recruitment campaign.

No difficult worded job descriptions, but instead clear and personal character traits that desired employees must possess. We have also taken into account the Brabant dialect so that the desired target group: “Brabanders” (people who live in the province North-Brabant) will feel more attracted to the vacancy.


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