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The Swing Kids is a clothing brand who stands for each individual who dare to express who they want to be. We commend everyone who wants to be unique, who likes to stand out, and above all, who wears and communicates what they feel comfortable with. The Swing Kids is not only a clothing brand, but also a growing community of people who feel the need to break daily habits. A community full of strength, confidence and love. 

The Swingkids was created because we of the fact that we live in a world full of opinions. Everyone just says whatever they think. For example, about how you dress or how you behave, but why should you care about this? Why would you listen to the opinion of others? You have to be able to be yourself and dress or behave the way you want. The Swingkids stands for the idea that every individual is unique in his or her own way. And above all, must propagate this: 

“Just be you, Just be unique” -The SwingKids-


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6021 MS Budel

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